The third biggest cryptocurrency RIPPLE ( XRP ) price has started to grow, while the overall market cap is growing every day as nowadays its considered bull market. Famous Youtuber Ivan on Tech believes that Bitcoin will hit 143,000$ within a year.

The last 3 years since the bull run back in 2017 XRP price was between $0.15 – 0.25 not showing growth and not bringing new features to the industry. Many investors and traders feel disappointed by XRP.

While some other traders believe XRP will hit 10$ within 5 years which.

The CEO of Cardano recently said that Cardano will be over the XRP soon and here is the video that Charles has shared.


Even though all DEFI market cap now is lower than XRP a lot of things have to change from this company starting from their circulating supply that is unclear how many XRP’s are available in the market.

Will XRP ever hit 10$?

Let us know in the comments below.


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