The cryptocurrency expert and famous YouTuber Ivan On Tech has predicted on Twitter that Bitcoin will hit $40,000 by 2021. He has also said that Ethereum will hit $4000 by then.

Many crypto enthusiasts have commented saying that nobody can predict that far. Still, Ivan was optimistic, adding a comment sarcastically “it’s too conservative, I know” and ” I want it to be outdone”.

He has spoken about this prediction in his YouTube live stream also.

“September will be the new beginning of this new parabolic rally, and this is a rally that will have its ups and downs. It will continue until 2022, in my mind… I would rather have this number outdone, all and all this is what I am looking at, at least”, Ivan said.

Ivan on Tech holds every day at 8 am on YouTube his show “Good Morning Crypto”, where he speaks about the latest news in cryptocurrency. Many times his predictions have turned to be accurate.


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