Tuesday night saw a group of hackers attack and hack President Trump’s campaign website. Reports indicate the hackers were attempting to promote an alleged cryptocurrency scam. Nonetheless, they were not able to leak any sensitive data. 

The about page on the website read “This site was seized. The world has had enough of the fake news spread daily by president Donald J. Trump”

However, the hackers reverted the page to normal a while later. It remains unclear how the cybercriminals got hold of the website. Law enforcement officers are still investigating the matter. 

Despite authorities reporting no sensitive information was leaked, the scammers alleged they had information that proved trump’s government had its hand on the origin of the coronavirus. The hackers went on to explain the government was cooperating with foreign entities to manipulate the election; nevertheless, there was no evidence the scammers retrieved any classified information from the website. 

Promoting Cryptocurrency Scams

It seems the primary intention of the hackers was to promote a crypto scam. The promotion message requested readers to deposit money into either of two monero crypto addresses. The two addresses were each linked to a corresponding message;

One meant to share the information and another meant to keep it secret. The users would send money to either of them depending on their desired outcome. However, it remains unclear whether the action was sponsored by state cartels or was just a desperate attempt by scammers to make some quick cash. A small indication is a message left behind by the hackers, the grammar indicates someone whose first language is not English.

Trump’s director of communication Tim Murtaugh released a statement reporting attackers had defaced Trump’s campaign website. Tim said they were working with law enforcement authorities to probe the matter and find the attackers. He also noted the site did not store any sensitive data and therefore the hackers had no access to any classified information.

The July Twitter Hack 

It seems crypto hackers are not yet done with prolific figures. Trump’s website breach resembles the July Twitter hack. Scammers gained access to dozens of high profile Twitter accounts and used them to promote a cryptocurrency scam. 

In the list of Twitter accounts was Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Elon Musk and Bill Gates. According to the New York Times, Twitter scammers managed to hack the world’s most powerful, however, they intended to only sell coveted Twitter handles.

Monero – A Hard-to-Trace Digital Coin

The hackers soliciting cash through monero, a privacy coin, shows their efforts to avoid tracing. Part of the message on the site said they would compare the funds between the two addresses. Once after hitting the deadline, they would execute what they termed as the will of the people. 

During a political rally in Tucson, Ariz. Early last week, Trump told supporters that nobody gets hacked. He added, 

“To get hacked you need somebody with 197 I.Q. and he needs about 15 percent of your password.”




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