Founders Of Cryptocurrency Who Tried to “Build Blockchain Into The Cannabis Industry” Raised $12 Million And Then Disappeared

Nobody knows anything about Jessica VerSteeg, an Iowa beauty queen, and her husband Egor Lavrov, a Russian entrepreneur and political strategist. The last time it has been heard from them was in 2019.

The United States federal judiciary is looking for the founders of Paragon, a blockchain platform intended to “build blockchain into every step of the cannabis industry.” Still, according to Coindesk, they are nowhere to be found.  Jessica VerSteeg, an Iowa beauty queen who took the Miss Iowa US title in 2014, decided to start Paragon with her Russian husband who is an entrepreneur from Russia, Egor Lavrov. The company received $12 million as a promotional boost back then. But now, the investors want their money back.

But the couple is nowhere to be found.

lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California also names Paragon technologist Eugene Bogorad as a defendant in the case. Bogorad, who has since returned to Moscow, told CoinDesk that he had not seen Lavrov since late 2017.

“I think they’re together and disappeared together. Last we heard from them, they were visiting the development team near Kyiv,” Bogorad said.



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