Forex Records Gains In Tehran’s Free Market!

The foreign currencies have recorded gains in Tehran’s free market.

The dollar shot up 3,600 rials, or 1.54%, to reach 233,000 rials on Tuesday, while the EURO euro remained unchanged and was sold for 272,950 rials. The Emirati dirham closed Tuesday trade at 64,200 rials, which is 1,600 rials higher than Monday’s close. Moreover, the Canadian dollar recorded the highest increase among key currencies in Tehran, rising by 2.2%. The Turkish lira was priced at 31,800 rials, gaining 1.22%

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, there has been an increased demand to trade currencies.

Nigerians have increased interest in trading foreign currencies. The Central Bank of Nigeria is the most prominent performer in the forex exchange business in Nigeria. The bank is authorized to make laws and regulations to regulate and control the other players in the forex market. Furthermore, since its founding, the central bank has published so many guidelines depending on handling economic circumstances.



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