FOMO 2020 – Highest Number of CryptoCurrency users Since 2017!!!

Bitcoin Price increased a couple of weeks more than 20% now it seems to get the attention of traders and investors.

According to the famous trading company GlassNode since 2017, it’s the highest number of registered accounts that are buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

This information is super interesting as it shows People are adopting the cryptos every day more and more. Also, If we compare it to the last July 2019 when BTC price hit $14,500 the number of new entities is bigger this year.

Credits : GlassNode

Moreover, traders are hodling as it seems to be a less risky strategy right now since the value of bitcoin is expected to grow more. According to Ivan on Tech this year cryptocurrencies are experiencing fundamental changes. On his latest on YouTube, he said that Bitcoin will hit this year $20,000 and that there is a possibility to hit $100,000.


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