DOS.NETWORK 5000% Increase For 30 Days – Is DOS New Chinese Etherum?


DOS.NETWORK ( Decentralized Oracle Service ) has shown growth of 5000% in the last 30 days.

The “Chinese Etherum” is being promoted heavily by the famous YouTuber Ivan on Tech.

The main future of DOS is to boost Blockchain Usability with real-world data.  DOS Network brings real-world data, event, and computation power to the smart contract in a secure, reliable, efficient, and scalable way.

Some Innovations by DOS are

  • Real-Time and Verifiable

    Near real-time request fulfillment and on-chain correct response.

  • Decentralized and Reliable

    A trustworthy decentralized solution without a single point of failure.

  • Compatible to Heterogeneous Blockchains

    Support multiple blockchains and enable cross-chain interactions.

  • Secure and Trustworthy

    It is driven by Verifiable Random Engine and advanced cryptographic signatures.

  • Scalable at a Low Cost

    Data query throughput and computation capacity increase as more nodes join.

How fast is DOS Network?

The off-chain process is blazing fast and usually completes within less than 1 second, including event monitoring, request processing, data fetching and parsing, collective proof generation within group members, etc.

DOS Tokens are available only in BitMax,, Uniswap and right now has a Market Cap$33,115,968 on 10 August. 

Even though DOS it’s only in their beginning and has a bright future it cannot be compared to Etherum.


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