The price of Bitcoin is growing almost on a daily basis, and it now holds close to thirteen thousand dollars, with one of the crypto wallets moving around One Billion Dollars from the digital assets.

If we are to deduce on-chain data, one Bitcoin (BTC) wallet keeper moved at least 88,857 Bitcoins- which are somewhat worth 1.15 billion dollars. Such coins were affirmed in the block 654,364 on October twenty-sixth.

If we are to look at data on the platform CrystalBlockChain we will see that the user sent these coins from an address called Xapo Bitcoin Wallet. This transaction remains one of the largest value exchanges in Cryptocurrency, with a predecessor record in April, where 161,500 Bitcoins were transferred – which resulted in $1.1 billion dollars, with a fee of $0.68. 

None of these transactions is, however, the largest Bitcoin transaction in history. That remains the 550,000 Bitcoin transaction done on November 16th, around 9 years ago. This exchange was initiated by the Mt. Gox exchange. It was around $1.32 million back then, and if we are to analyze what that amount of Bitcoin would be today, it would result in more than $7 billion.

With such big Bitcoin values in-store, users worldwide are increasingly more interested in the realm of Crypto exchange. Many online tools generate Bitcoin exchanges in accordance with the robot software – and all users stand on extremely satisfied grounds. AI-powered intelligent robots in the Bitcoin exchange realm, such as This bitcoin revolution platform are giants in the industry. 

While it is a common belief that cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors are immediately referenced to a male-dominated audience, reports say the opposite. According to an analysis released by CoinMarketCap on April 30th, the number of women involved in the industry of cryptocurrency reached sky heights. In only the first quarter of 2020, it increased by 43.24%, which is an extremely high percentage. Numbers vary from region to region, however, the Dchained platform has an in-depth guide to choosing the best alternative coins for this bull market.

This adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies by women worldwide shows that people are interested to make this innovation part of their lives. Women in their 30s and 40s are an audience that has been in constant growth with Cryptocurrency trading.This bitcoin revolution platform is one of the trading pages where women have increasingly signed up in the last year. Statistics show that not only women who are somewhat geeks and technologically savvy have taken part in the business, but even those without any certain kind of technical expertise or education started to use cryptocurrencies. This bitcoin revolution platform is the ideal site to sign up if one wishes to generate cryptocurrency profit. After all, the financial global realm will be completely altered in the next ten years, with currencies moving to the online world in total. This is interesting to witness, but also even more interesting to invest time in, because profit will increase in this reign in an abundance.



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