Analysts Say Bitcoin Could Hit $20K Soon!

 Analysts Say Bitcoin Could Hit $20K Soon!

Bitcoin can possibly pass $20.000 soon. Caprole digital asset manager Charles Edwards in a tweet recently said that

“if US banks put just 1% of their assets into Bitcoin as an investment, hedge or insurance… the Bitcoin price more than doubles”.

He uploaded a chart of U.S. banks burgeoning and further he added:

Just 1 NASDAQ stock (Grayscale) already owns 2% of circulating Bitcoin supply today. It’s not hard to see where this is going“.

Many people replied in his tweet doubting what he was saying but Edwards replied back saying that “it’s just fact”.

Moreover,  as Cointelegraph reported Grayscale is a giant among Bitcoin hodlers, together with payment company Square which is responsible for buying up the majority of mined coins this year.

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